Evolving Newsroom - apologies for being quiet

Hi everyone, I didn’t intend to take such a long gap between publishing profiles, work and life got the better of me (I thought having six interviews lined up would give me a head start, but …no)

As I turn some of my attention back to Evolving Newsroom I’m keen to get some quick feedback on what you have thought of the profiles so far.

3 Questions, 2 of them multiple choice, so I promise this is a short and to the point survey:

Answer Nick's questions

If you signed up more recently and haven’t received an email yet, sorry about that. The archive can be found here: https://evolvingnewsroom.substack.com and two of the three survey questions are still relevant to you as well.

Thanks for your time, I know there are constant requests for feedback and I’m not even offering an Amazon voucher prize draw!