Ready, set... Evolving Newsroom starts next week

Many of you signed up a while ago, thank you for that show of faith

Good morning and welcome to the first Sunday of 2021. Since it’s been around 6 months when most of you signed up I wanted to send a little weekend morning warmup before we get started.

I’m excited about the profiles I have lined up so far and although I don’t feel 100% ready to start, sometimes I think it is just best to get started. The first profile will land in your inboxes next Sunday morning.

With this in mind I wanted to send you a little reminder in case you’d forgotten you had signed up and wanted to do some new year inbox-pruning. I really hope you don’t though as I think this is going to be eye-opening and fun.

In preparation for next week I have two favours to ask:

  1. Please share this with other people you think will be interested so they don’t miss a single profile.

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  1. Send me suggestions of people to profile. It can be people you admire and want to learn more about or intros to people you know who you think would make great profiles -

Thank you for being patient, please do send thoughts and feedback to I’ll read everything that gets sent.


I wouldn’t expect you to start the year entirely empty handed - here are my favourite newsroom/product related reads from the last year.

  1. Content is Product and Product is Content: why deeper alignment is the only way forward by Dmitry Shishkin

  2. Journalism Has Been Disrupted. Can Product Thinking Save It? by Meredith Gallo

  3. The memo Sam Hinke wrote the board of the 76ers when he resigned in 2016 - it focuses on the benefit of long-term decision making and is probably the best thing I read last year. (And is always relevant to an industry hell bent on pivoting)


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